What is Economy Plus Seating on United?

Published on: November 29, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

Economy Plus seating on United Airlines offers extra legroom and other amenities for a more comfortable flight experience. It’s an upgrade from standard Economy, providing additional benefits to enhance your journey.

Economy Plus on United Airlines is a popular choice for travelers seeking extra comfort without the cost of a business or first-class ticket. This seating option includes more legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out and relax during their flight. The seats are located in the front few rows of the Economy cabin, which means quicker boarding and deplaning. This feature is particularly appealing for those on longer flights or with tight connection times.

Comparing Economy Plus with standard Economy, the main difference lies in the extra space. While both offer the same in-flight services, Economy Plus ensures a more spacious environment. For those wondering about baggage, the allowance for Economy Plus is the same as standard Economy. However, the added comfort can make a significant difference, especially on long-haul international flights.

what is economy plus seating on united

Many travelers question whether the upgrade to Economy Plus is worth the additional cost. The answer largely depends on personal preferences and the length of the flight. For longer journeys or for those who value extra legroom and a less crowded cabin, Economy Plus can significantly enhance the travel experience. United also offers an Economy Plus subscription for frequent flyers, providing a cost-effective way to enjoy these benefits on all flights.

For those interested in further details about Economy Plus seating on United Airlines, including specifics on amenities like free drinks and comparisons with Basic Economy, we invite you to read the detailed article below. This comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision about your travel options with United.

Economy Plus Seating on United – Insights into Enhanced Comfort

Economy Plus Seating on United Explained

Basic Concept and Features

Economy Plus seating on United Airlines is like finding that sweet spot between comfort and affordability. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about how you feel during the journey. These seats give you that extra legroom to stretch out, making a world of difference, especially on longer flights. It’s like having a little personal oasis in the midst of the usual economy class.

Seat Location and Aircraft Layout

When you opt for Economy Plus, you’re not just getting extra legroom; you’re also strategically placed within the aircraft. These seats are typically located at the front of the economy section, meaning you get on and off the plane faster. It’s a small perk that makes a big difference, especially if you’re in a rush or just eager to stretch your legs after a long flight.

Key Benefits of Economy Plus

Extra Legroom and Seat Specifications

The star of the show in Economy Plus is undoubtedly the extra legroom. We’re talking about up to 6 inches of additional space to stretch your legs. This might not sound like much at first, but when you’re up in the air for hours, every inch counts. It’s the difference between feeling cramped and being able to relax.

Priority Boarding Advantages

Along with the extra space, Economy Plus passengers often enjoy the perk of priority boarding. This means you’re one of the first to board the plane, allowing you to settle in without the rush and bustle of standard boarding. It’s a small luxury that starts your journey on the right foot.

Legroom Comparison – Economy Plus vs. Standard Economy

Seating ClassAverage Legroom
Economy Plus37 inches
Standard Economy31 inches
visual chart (1) legroom comparison - economy plus vs. standard economy
visual chart (1) legroom comparison – economy plus vs. standard economy

Comparing Seating Classes

Distinctions Between Economy Plus and Standard Economy

Economy Plus is not just about extra legroom. It’s about an enhanced travel experience. While standard economy gets you to your destination, Economy Plus does it with added comfort. It’s ideal for those who need a bit more space but don’t want to splurge on higher classes.

Economy Plus Versus Business/First Class: Key Differences

While Economy Plus offers more room than standard economy, it’s not quite on par with the luxuries of business or first class. In these premium classes, you’re looking at lie-flat seats, gourmet meals, and often, a higher level of service. Economy Plus is the middle ground, offering comfort without the hefty price tag.

Amenities Across Different Seating Classes

Seating ClassLegroomIn-Flight EntertainmentMeal Service
Economy Plus37 inchesStandardAvailable for Purchase
Business ClassUp to 75 inchesEnhancedComplimentary Gourmet
First ClassUp to 78 inchesEnhancedComplimentary Gourmet
visual chart (2) amenities across different seating classes
visual chart (2) amenities across different seating classes

Cost and Subscription Details

Analysis of Economy Plus Pricing

The cost of upgrading to Economy Plus varies depending on the flight duration and destination. It’s a flexible option for those who value comfort but are mindful of their budget. You can decide on a flight-by-flight basis whether the extra cost is worth the added comfort.

Details on Economy Plus Subscription: Advantages and Costs

For frequent flyers, United offers an Economy Plus subscription. This is a great way to consistently enjoy the benefits of extra space without the hassle of individual upgrades. The subscription cost varies, but it can be a smart investment for those regularly in the skies.

Overview of Economy Plus Subscription Options

Subscription TypeAnnual CostBenefits
Individual$499Economy Plus seating for the subscriber
Companion$699Economy Plus seating for the subscriber and a companion
visual chart (3) overview of economy plus subscription options
visual chart (3) overview of economy plus subscription options

Passenger Experiences and Feedback

Reviews on Comfort and Space

Travelers often rave about the noticeable difference in comfort when opting for Economy Plus. The extra legroom is consistently praised, especially on longer flights where comfort becomes increasingly important. It’s a game-changer for those who find standard economy seats too restrictive.

Real Experiences: Evaluating the Worth of Economy Plus

Many passengers have shared stories of how Economy Plus has transformed their travel experience. From reduced fatigue on long-haul flights to the ease of having a bit more personal space, the benefits are tangible. It’s often described as a worthwhile upgrade for those who value comfort above all else.

Economy Plus for International Travel

Unique Features for Long-Distance Flights

On international flights, the benefits of Economy Plus become even more pronounced. The extra space and quicker boarding can make a significant difference on these long journeys. It’s about arriving at your destination feeling refreshed rather than cramped and weary.

Comparing International and Domestic Economy Plus Services

While the core benefits of Economy Plus remain consistent, international flights often come with a few extra perks. These might include enhanced meal options or additional in-flight entertainment choices, making your international journey that much more enjoyable.

Baggage Policies and Extra Perks

Baggage Rules in Economy Plus

The baggage allowance for Economy Plus is generally the same as standard economy. However, the priority boarding feature allows you to find overhead bin space much more easily, a small but significant advantage.

Complimentary Services and Additional Benefits

While Economy Plus doesn’t typically include free meals or drinks, the comfort and space you get are often seen as more than enough compensation. On some flights, you might find additional perks like a complimentary drink or snack, adding to the overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Select Economy Plus Seats During Booking?

Yes, you can select Economy Plus seats during the booking process on United Airlines. This option is available on the airline’s website or app, where you can view the seat map for your flight and choose your preferred Economy Plus seat. The availability and additional cost for these seats depend on the flight’s duration and destination. It’s a straightforward process, similar to choosing standard seats, but with the added benefit of extra legroom and a better location within the aircraft.

Are Economy Plus Seats Available on All United Flights?

Economy Plus seating is available on nearly all United and United Express flights. However, the exact availability can vary depending on the aircraft type and the flight route. It’s always a good idea to check the specific flight details either on the United Airlines website or by contacting their customer service. This way, you can ensure that Economy Plus seating is available and make an informed decision about your travel comfort options.

Can You Upgrade to Economy Plus After Booking?

Absolutely! If you’ve already booked a standard economy ticket with United, you can still upgrade to Economy Plus. This can be done through the United Airlines website, mobile app, or at the airport. The cost for upgrading will vary depending on the flight. This flexibility is great for travelers who decide they need more space after their initial booking or for those whose travel plans or preferences change.

Is There a Difference in Service Between Economy Plus and Standard Economy?

In terms of in-flight service, such as meals and entertainment, Economy Plus and standard economy are generally the same. The primary difference lies in the physical comfort provided by the extra legroom and the seat location. However, the overall in-flight service, including the quality of meals and entertainment options, remains consistent across both seating options.

Are Economy Plus Seats Wider Than Standard Economy Seats?

Economy Plus seats on United Airlines primarily offer extra legroom rather than increased seat width. The main advantage is the additional space to stretch your legs, which is especially beneficial on longer flights. The seat width in Economy Plus is typically similar to that in standard economy, although the exact dimensions can vary slightly depending on the aircraft.

Can Families with Children Book Economy Plus Seats?

Families with children can book Economy Plus seats, and it can be a particularly good option for those needing extra space. The additional legroom can make managing children during the flight easier, providing more room for their belongings and activities. However, it’s important to note that the same rules and fees apply to all passengers, regardless of age, when booking Economy Plus seating.

Do Economy Plus Seats Offer Better Access to Power Outlets?

The availability of power outlets in Economy Plus seats depends on the aircraft. Many of United’s aircraft are equipped with power outlets in Economy Plus, allowing passengers to charge their devices during the flight. However, this is not guaranteed on all flights. It’s advisable to check the specific aircraft details or contact United Airlines to confirm the availability of power outlets for your particular flight.

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