What Seats Are Over the Wings in Airplane? – Details Explanation

Published on: August 26, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

In an airplane, seats situated over the wings are typically found in the middle section. Here, passengers will notice their window views may be partially or fully blocked by the aircraft’s wings.

The middle section of an airplane is known for its stability due to its positioning directly over the wings. This makes it an optimal choice for passengers who prefer a smoother journey, especially during episodes of turbulence. If you’re chasing the best scenery from high above, however, these might not be the most preferable seats since the wing can obstruct the view. For those seeking breathtaking aerial panoramas, seats located towards the front or back are more fitting.

what seats are over the wings in airplane

Many first-time flyers often wonder about the best seating options. For those primarily concerned about safety, research has indicated that the rear section of the plane can be slightly safer in the unfortunate event of a crash. This, combined with the lesser turbulence felt at the back, makes it a potential spot for nervous or first-time travelers. Conversely, for passengers prioritizing comfort and minimal noise, the front seats might be a better fit.

In terms of the economy class, the “best” seat can vary based on personal preference. While some may vouch for the extra legroom near exit rows, others might prioritize proximity to restrooms or storage compartments. The key is to determine what factors are most essential for your personal travel needs.

What Row Are the Wings on a Plane?

The wings on a commercial airliner are typically located at or near the middle of the fuselage. This is known as a mid-wing configuration. For most large, commercial jet airliners, the wings are attached slightly below the midpoint of the fuselage, which is a configuration known as a low-wing design.

The exact row number that aligns with the wings will vary depending on the aircraft model and the airline’s specific seating configuration. On many aircraft, the wings start slightly forward of the middle of the fuselage and extend backward, so the rows over the wings would be roughly in the middle of the aircraft. For example, on a Boeing 737, this might be around rows 10 to 20, but this is a general estimate and can differ widely.

If you are asking because you’re looking to select a seat for a flight and either want to sit near the wings (perhaps for a smoother ride) or away from them (for a better view or to avoid being over the wing structure), it’s best to consult the specific seating chart for your flight, which is usually available on the airline’s website or when you book or check in for your flight.

Interested in more details? Feel free to read the detailed article below for an in-depth look into the best airplane seating choices.

Historical Context of Aircraft Design

Evolution of Commercial Airplane Structures

Remember those vintage posters of propeller-driven aircraft? The journey from those olden days to the magnificent jumbo jets of today is nothing short of amazing. As designs evolved, so did seating arrangements. Imagine being part of those early flight days—would you have known what seats are over the wings in an airplane back then? Probably not! But it’s cool to see how much we’ve progressed, isn’t it?

Seat Positioning Over Time

Ever wondered why airplane seats aren’t just thrown in randomly? There’s a reason! Over time, seats in airplanes have been meticulously placed to ensure balance, comfort, and safety. From rows and rows of identical seats to the specialized sections we have today, it’s been a wild ride. So, are you curious about those seats right over the wings? We’ll get there; just hang tight!

The Dynamics of Airplane Wings

Purpose of Airplane Wings

Pop quiz: What do wings on a bird and an airplane have in common? Give up? They both help in lifting and balancing! Airplane wings, specifically, generate lift, making those big metal tubes defy gravity. So, it’s like magic, but backed by science. How cool is that?

How Wings Influence Flight Stability and Balance

Let’s break it down. Wings are like the unsung heroes of every flight. They keep the plane balanced and stable. Think of them as the airplane’s tightrope walkers. They constantly play with the forces of nature to ensure you have a smooth journey. And guess what? The seats over the wings play a crucial role in this balancing act!

General Seating Layout in Modern Commercial Jets

Differentiating between Main Types: Narrow-body vs. Wide-body

Did you know not all airplanes are made equal? Some are like cozy little apartments (narrow-body), and others feel like palatial estates (wide-body). The seating arrangement varies based on these types. And here’s a fun tidbit: knowing the type can give you a clue about what seats are over the wings in an airplane. Ready to play detective?

Common Seating Arrangements

Ever looked at an airplane’s seating chart and felt puzzled? You’re not alone! There’s a method to the madness, though. Different models have distinct seating patterns.

Popular Aircraft Models and Their Typical Seating Arrangements

Aircraft ModelTypical Seating Arrangement
Airbus A3203-3
Boeing 7773-4-3
Airbus A3302-4-2
common seating arrangements

Locating Seats Above the Wings

Variations in Positioning among Different Airplane Models

Not all airplanes are designed equally. Ever played that game where you guess which candy is inside a wrapped chocolate? It’s similar with planes. Depending on the model, the wing seats might vary. Keep that in mind the next time you book!

Impact on the Passenger’s In-flight Experience

Got a seat over the wings? Brace yourself for some perks and quirks. You might enjoy less turbulence but also get a winged view outside your window. So, it’s a bit of a trade-off. Ever felt like you’re in a special club because of where you’re seated? Now you know why!

Benefits of Sitting Over the Wings

Reduced Turbulence Perception

Ever experienced that heart-dropping sensation during turbulence? Seats over the wings act like the eye of the storm, offering a smoother ride. It’s like being in the calm center of a spinning top!

Noise Factors and Ambient Sound

Think of the wings as the curtain between the audience and the backstage. Behind them (towards the back of the plane) is where all the engine noise action happens. So, sitting over the wings might just give you that serene environment you crave. Dreamy, right?

Drawbacks of Wing-Adjacent Seating

Limited or Obstructed Window View

Got a window seat over the wings? It’s a bit of a paradox. While you get the window, your view might be wing-dominated. Ever felt like nature’s playing peekaboo with you? That’s the vibe!

Accessibility Concerns for Some Travelers

Let’s be real. These seats aren’t always the easiest to get in and out of. For some travelers, especially those who like stretching their legs or taking frequent restroom breaks, these might not be ideal. It’s all about what you’re in the mood for, right?

Pros and Cons of Seating Over the Wings

Reduced turbulence perceptionLimited or obstructed window view
Quieter ambient noiseSlightly limited accessibility

Comparing Wing Seats with Other Prime Airplane Spots

Front-of-Plane Benefits

Front seats, often dubbed ‘the VIP seats,’ offer quicker boarding and deboarding, ample legroom, and often a quieter flight experience. Who wouldn’t want that?

Aft Section Features

Meanwhile, the back of the plane often feels like a social hub. Closer to the restrooms, plenty of crew interactions, and a bit bumpier. Some love it; some don’t. Where do you stand—or should I say, sit?

Tips for Choosing the Best Seat Based on Individual Preferences

Considering Legroom and Comfort

If you’re all about stretching those legs, then bulkhead and exit rows might be your jam. But remember, these seats come with their own set of rules. Are you up for it?

Ensuring Prime Window Views or Avoiding Wings Altogether

Love cloud gazing or city spotting? Avoid those wing seats. On the other hand, if you’re into an uninterrupted nap or binge-watching, the wing area is your best bet. So, what’s your flight mood?

Tips for Picking the Ideal Airplane Seat

PreferenceIdeal Seats
LegroomBulkhead, Exit Rows
Unobstructed ViewsFront or Aft Seats
Reduced TurbulenceOver-the-Wing Seats


So, we’ve taken a fun-filled journey over, under, and around the airplane seats located right above those massive wings. From understanding the very anatomy of an airplane to knowing why the seat position matters, we’ve covered a lot. And didn’t those testimonials just bring it all to life? The perks of reduced turbulence and the occasional drawbacks like obstructed views give those wing seats their unique flavor.

For some, it’s all about the serene experience, feeling as if they’re floating on air without much disturbance. For others, the thrill of looking directly out onto those powerful wings is an aviation geek’s dream come true. Then there’s the bunch that might just be indifferent, thinking, “A seat’s a seat, right?” But now you, my savvy traveler, know better.

Whether you’re booking your next trip or just daydreaming about future adventures, remember the dynamics of the wing seats. They might just be the calm oasis you need on a long journey. Or perhaps you’re the adventurous type, eager for a front or back seat to feel every twist and turn. It’s all about the journey and finding your perfect spot in the sky.

The next time you’re hovering over an airline’s seat selection screen, you might recall this little guideline we had. So, what do you say? Ready to pick that ideal seat and fly into the horizon? Let the adventure begin!


Can Seats in the Last Row Recline?

No, often, seats in the last row of an airplane do not recline. This is typically due to the proximity to the lavatories or galley.

Is Delta One Seating Located Over the Wings in an Airplane?

Yes, Delta One seating is often located over the wings in an airplane. This placement provides a smoother ride for passengers, which is one of the perks of premium airline seating. Additionally, being situated over the wings offers excellent views and a quieter experience compared to other sections of the plane.

What Number Seats Are Over the Wings in Airplanes?

The specific row numbers over the wings vary by airplane model. Generally, they are situated in the middle section of the aircraft.

Is a Bulkhead Seat Considered to be Over the Wings in an Airplane?

Yes, a Bulkhead Seat can be located over the wings in an airplane. These seats are often sought after for the extra legroom and priority boarding. However, it’s important to note that not all Bulkhead Seats are over the wings, as the position can vary depending on the aircraft model.

Are Seats Over the Wing Better?

Yes, for many passengers. Seats over the wing tend to experience less turbulence due to their central location and the stabilizing effect of the wings.

Which Window Seats Are Blocked by the Wing?

Window seats directly above the wings may have an obstructed view due to the wing’s position. The exact seats depend on the aircraft type.

Where is Seat D located on an airplane?

Looking for the answer to where Seat D is located on an airplane? Consult an airplane seating guide for accurate information. Understanding the layout and numbering system of aircraft cabins can help you easily locate your assigned seat, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. Check an airplane seating guide prior to your flight for peace of mind and hassle-free travel.

Why Would Someone Want a Seat Over the Wing?

Many passengers prefer wing seats due to reduced turbulence, potential for extra legroom in exit rows, and often a quieter ride as it’s away from the engines.

How Can I Get a Window Seat on a Plane?

To get a window seat, it’s best to check-in early or choose your seat during the booking process. Airlines also offer seat selection for a fee, allowing passengers to secure their desired spot.

Which Airplane Seat Is Considered the Best?

The “best” seat varies by individual preference. Some prefer window seats for the view, while others like aisle seats for easier access. Seats over the wings are popular for their stability during flight.

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