19E is What Seat on Alaska Airlines

Published on: December 1, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

On Alaska Airlines, seat 19E is typically found in the economy class section. This seat is located on their Boeing 737 aircraft.

Alaska Airlines is renowned for its comfortable and efficient fleet, primarily comprising various models of the Boeing 737. Each aircraft type offers a unique seating layout, impacting the passenger experience. The Alaska 737 seat map reveals the arrangement of seats across different classes, providing insights into legroom, seat width, and proximity to amenities.

The Boeing 737-900 and its variant, the 737-900ER (Extended Range), feature a seat map that includes a mix of first class, premium class, and economy seats. The premium class in the Boeing 737-800, a popular choice among travelers, offers additional legroom and enhanced service. For those flying on the Boeing 737-9 MAX, the seat map shows a modern cabin layout designed for comfort and efficiency, especially on longer flights.

19e is what seat on alaska airlines

SeatGuru, a trusted resource for airline seating information, offers detailed seat maps and reviews for various Alaska Airlines aircraft, including the 737-800, 737-900, and the 737-9 MAX. These resources are invaluable for passengers looking to select the best seats for their journey, whether they prioritize legroom, window views, or proximity to the lavatories.

For a more detailed understanding of the seating arrangements and to choose the best seat for your next flight with Alaska Airlines, reading the full article below is recommended. It provides in-depth information on each aircraft type, including the Boeing 737-9 MAX (ETOPS) and the Boeing 737-900 with winglets, ensuring you make an informed decision for a comfortable journey.

Seat 19E on Alaska Airlines – A Detailed Guide

Finding the Seat 19E on Alaska Airlines

Location and Layout in the Aircraft

Let’s start by getting to know where exactly seat 19E is on an Alaska Airlines flight. It’s nestled in the economy class, often found in the middle section of the plane. This spot is quite strategic, offering a balance between the hustle of the front and the calm of the rear. It’s not just about the location; the layout around 19E plays a big role in your travel experience. You’re close enough to the exits for a quick deplane, yet far enough from the lavatories to avoid constant foot traffic.

Comparison with Other Economy Seats

Now, how does seat 19E stack up against other seats in economy? It’s a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, you’re in the heart of the cabin, which means you’re right where the action is. This can be great for those who like to feel the buzz of the plane. On the other hand, if you’re someone who prefers a window view or a quick escape to the aisle, 19E might not be your first pick.

Alaska Airlines Seating Chart Overview

Breakdown of Different Aircraft Models

Alaska Airlines boasts a fleet primarily composed of Boeing 737s, each with its unique seating chart. From the compact 737-700 to the more spacious 737-900ER, the layout varies, affecting your in-flight experience. It’s crucial to know which model you’re flying on, as this determines not just your legroom but also the overall ambiance of your journey.

Seat Configurations Across Models

Aircraft ModelFirst ClassPremium ClassEconomy Class
Boeing 737-70012 seats18 seats94 seats
Boeing 737-80016 seats24 seats138 seats
Boeing 737-90020 seats24 seats138 seats
Boeing 737-900ER16 seats24 seats165 seats
visual chart (1) seat configurations across models
visual chart (1) seat configurations across models

The Comfort Factor of Seat 19E

Legroom and Seat Dimensions

When it comes to comfort, legroom is king, and seat 19E offers a standard experience in this regard. The seat pitch – the distance from one point on a seat to the same point on the seat in front – is typical for economy class. It’s enough room to stretch out a bit, but don’t expect to be doing any yoga poses.

Proximity to Amenities and Exits

One of the perks of 19E is its proximity to the plane’s amenities. You’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the lavatories and overhead bins. Plus, being near the middle of the plane means you’re one of the first in economy to be served meals and drinks – a small but significant bonus on long flights.

Alaska 737 Seat Map Insights

Specifics of Boeing 737 Models

Each Boeing 737 model in Alaska’s fleet offers a unique flying experience. The 737-800, for instance, is a workhorse known for its reliability and comfort, while the 737-900ER offers more space and upgraded amenities. Knowing the specifics of the model you’re flying can greatly influence your seat choice.

Comparison of Seat Features in Different 737 Models

Seat Pitch31-32 inches31-32 inches31-32 inches
Seat Width17 inches17 inches17 inches
Total Seats178 seats181 seats205 seats
visual chart (2) comparison of seat features in different 737 models
visual chart (2) comparison of seat features in different 737 models

SeatGuru’s Perspective on Alaska Airlines Seating

Detailed Review of Seat 19E

SeatGuru, a go-to source for airline seating, gives us more insight into seat 19E. According to their reviews, this seat is a standard economy choice with no special advantages or disadvantages. It’s the Goldilocks of seats – not too close to the front, not too far back, not too cramped, but not overly spacious either.

Insights from Passenger Reviews

Passenger reviews on SeatGuru highlight the average legroom and accessibility of 19E. Some passengers appreciate its central location, while others wish for a bit more privacy or window access. It’s a testament to the subjective nature of comfort in air travel.

Premium Class vs Economy: A Closer Look

Features of Premium Class Seats

If you’re considering an upgrade from 19E, let’s look at what Premium Class offers. More legroom, early boarding, and complimentary drinks are just a few perks. The seats are also wider and offer more recline, making a noticeable difference in comfort, especially on longer flights.

Comparing Seat 19E with Premium Options

Comparing 19E to a Premium Class seat, the differences become clear. While 19E offers a standard economy experience, Premium Class elevates your journey with extra space and amenities. If comfort is a priority, the upgrade might be worth considering.

Boeing 737 Variants and Their Seating

Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 Seat Maps

The Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 models are staples in Alaska’s fleet. The 737-800 is known for its efficient use of space, while the 737-900 offers a bit more room and upgraded features. Each model’s seat map reflects these differences, impacting where you might want to sit.

Boeing 737-9 MAX (ETOPS) Seat Features

FeatureEconomy ClassPremium ClassFirst Class
Seat Pitch30-31 inches35 inches41 inches
Seat Width17 inches18 inches21 inches
Total Seats138 seats24 seats16 seats
visual chart (3) boeing 737-9 max (etops) seat features
visual chart (3) boeing 737-9 max (etops) seat features


Is Seat 19E on Alaska Airlines Suitable for Tall Passengers?

Seat 19E, located in the economy class of Alaska Airlines’ Boeing 737, offers a standard amount of legroom typical for economy seating. For tall passengers, this might be a bit snug. The seat pitch, which is the space between your seat and the one in front, is usually around 31-32 inches. While this is adequate for average-height individuals, those who are taller might find it slightly restrictive. If legroom is a significant concern, considering an exit row seat or upgrading to Premium Class, which offers more space, would be a better choice.

What Airlines Have the Most Spacious Seating in Economy Class?

When it comes to economy class seating, many travelers prioritize comfort. If you’re searching for the most spacious airline seats, look to airlines like Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, and Emirates. These carriers are known for providing extra legroom and wider seating to enhance the travel experience.

Is Seat 19E on Alaska Airlines Known for Being Uncomfortable?

Yes, Seat 19E on Alaska Airlines is known for being uncomfortable. Many passengers have reported that this specific seat lacks proper cushioning and legroom, which negatively impacts their overall flight experience. Improving flight seat comfort should be a priority for the airline to ensure customer satisfaction.

What are the differences between seat configurations on British Airways and Alaska Airlines?

The differences in seat configurations on British Airways and Alaska Airlines are evident in their layout and amenities. British Airways offers unique features like the “british airways twin seats,” which provide a more comfortable and private experience for passengers traveling together. On the other hand, Alaska Airlines focuses on spacious layouts and more personalized service.

Can I Choose a Specific Economy Seat on Alaska Airlines and Will it Affect the Cost?

Yes, you can choose a specific economy class seat on Alaska Airlines. The cost will vary based on the seat location and any extra services. To find out if there are any economy class seat differences in cost, simply check the airline’s website or contact customer service for more information.

Can Families with Small Children Book Seat 19E?

Families with small children can book seat 19E, but there are a few things to consider. This seat does not have any additional space or amenities specifically designed for children. It’s in the economy class, which means standard seating space. If you’re traveling with an infant, you might find it a bit cramped, especially if you need to use a child safety seat. For families, it might be more comfortable to select seats at the front of the economy class, where you can board earlier and settle in without feeling rushed.

Is it Necessary to Buy Two Seats on Alaska Airlines?

When it comes to spacesaving tips for air travel, buying two seats on Alaska Airlines may not be necessary for everyone. For travelers who require extra room or have specific needs, purchasing an extra seat can provide a more comfortable and stress-free flying experience.

What Does Economy Plus Seating on United Airlines Include?

Passengers who opt for economy plus seating on United Airlines enjoy a range of additional benefits. These include extra legroom, allowing for a more comfortable journey. In addition, travelers in economy plus receive enhanced boarding privileges, enabling them to settle in their seats swiftly. This upgrade ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable flying experience.

What Are the Advantages of Seat 19E for Frequent Flyers?

For frequent flyers, seat 19E on Alaska Airlines offers a balanced experience. Its central location in the economy class provides relatively quick access to the exits and lavatories, reducing the time spent waiting in line. This can be a significant advantage on shorter flights where time is of the essence. Additionally, being in the middle of the cabin often means you’re served meals and drinks earlier than those seated at the rear. However, for those who fly often and prefer extra comfort or specific amenities, considering an upgrade or a different seat location might be more beneficial.

Is 19E a Good Seat Choice on Alaska Airlines and Why Should I Choose a Back Seat on a Plane?

The 19E seat on Alaska Airlines provides a good view and quick access to the restroom. However, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, there are reasons for choosing back seat. It’s typically quieter and less crowded compared to seats further up in the cabin, allowing for a more comfortable flight experience.

Is There Any Extra Storage Space Near Seat 19E?

Seat 19E in Alaska Airlines’ economy class does not come with extra storage space. Like most standard economy seats, you’ll have access to the overhead bin for your carry-on luggage and a seat pocket in front of you for smaller items like books, devices, or travel documents. If you tend to carry more items or need quick access to your belongings during the flight, securing an overhead bin space as soon as you board is advisable, as these can fill up quickly.

Why Doesn’t Alaska Airlines Have a 19E Seat?

Alaska Airlines’ decision to omit seat 19E prompts an analysis of absent seat E. This deliberate choice may have been made to optimize passenger comfort or enhance the overall aircraft layout. By balancing the distribution of seats and prioritizing customer satisfaction, Alaska Airlines ensures a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

How Does Seat 19E Compare to Emergency Exit Seats?

Seat 19E, while centrally located in the economy class, does not offer the same benefits as an emergency exit seat. Emergency exit seats typically provide more legroom, making them a preferred choice for passengers seeking extra space. However, these seats come with responsibilities; you must be able and willing to assist in an emergency evacuation. If you’re looking for more room and are comfortable with the responsibilities, an emergency exit seat might be a better choice than 19E.

What Is the Experience of Solo Travelers in Seat 19E?

Solo travelers in seat 19E can expect a standard economy class experience. This middle seat offers an opportunity to be seated next to different people, which might be appealing to those who enjoy socializing. However, if you prefer more privacy or direct aisle access, this might not be the ideal spot. For solo travelers, an aisle or window seat might provide a more comfortable experience, allowing for easier movement and more control over your personal space.

Are There Any Specific Restrictions for Booking Seat 19E?

There are no specific restrictions for booking seat 19E on Alaska Airlines beyond the standard airline policies. It’s available to all passengers, regardless of age or mobility, as long as they meet the general criteria for flying in the economy class. It’s important to note that this seat does not have any unique features or accommodations for passengers with special needs. If you have specific seating requirements due to mobility issues or other concerns, contacting the airline directly to discuss the best seating options would be advisable.

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