Assigned Seating on Amtrak: All You Need to Know

Published on: July 18, 2023
Written by Evander Mac / Fact-checked by Jamal Haider

Yes, there are assigned seats on Amtrak. This is typical for long-distance trains and for business class and first-class passengers on many routes.

Amtrak offers a range of seating options to cater to diverse passenger needs. For the uninitiated, it’s crucial to know that Amtrak’s coach seating chart displays a wealth of configuration options. Each car’s arrangement is planned meticulously to provide ample legroom and comfort during travel. Pictures of Amtrak coach seats showcase reclining seats with tray tables and power outlets.

are there assigned seats on amtrak

Moving up a notch, the Amtrak seating chart for business class shows enhanced provisions. The question of ‘where is business class on Amtrak?’ is answered by indicators on platforms and within the trains themselves. In this class, passengers enjoy extra legroom, complimentary drinks, and priority boarding.

Further up the luxury scale is Amtrak’s first class. On select trains, first-class passengers can enjoy accommodations like private rooms, personal service, and even a dedicated dining car. It’s an embodiment of indulgence on the rails.

Now, ‘how to adjust Amtrak seats?’ might be a common query. Seats on Amtrak trains are designed for comfort, and most of them can be adjusted by levers or buttons on the armrests. Instructions are usually printed on the seats themselves or can be provided by the train staff.

The Amtrak Northeast Regional seating chart offers insight into the seating arrangement on these popular commuter trains. The coach and business class sections are clearly defined, making it easier for passengers to find their assigned seats. The layout ensures efficient use of space, considering both comfort and capacity.

In essence, Amtrak provides a thoughtfully designed, comfortable journey for all its passengers, whether they are traveling coach, business class, or first class. It is all about the details – from seat adjustment to the meticulous seating chart – that craft the unique Amtrak experience.

Are There Assigned Seats on Amtrak

Seat Assignment on Amtrak

Assigned Seats during Reservation: Amtrak assigns seats at the moment of completing the reservation process. This means that passengers do not have the option of choosing a specific seat during the booking process. A randomly assigned seat ensures that every passenger secures a spot on the train, eliminating the concern of not having a place to sit on the journey.

Seat Change Post Reservation

Changing Assigned Seats: Although specific seat selection isn’t available during reservation, Amtrak provides flexibility to change seats post booking. Once the reservation is complete, passengers are allowed to change their seats. This can be done using the interactive seat maps available on the Amtrak app or on By simply accessing these platforms, passengers can view available seats and switch to their preferred spot on the train.

Role of Amtrak App and Website

Role of Interactive Seat Maps: Interactive seat maps on the Amtrak app or are user-friendly tools designed to facilitate easy seat changes. These digital maps offer a view of the train’s layout, providing clear visuals of each car’s seating arrangement. This tool is instrumental for passengers who prefer specific locations, like window seats or seats closer to the exit, allowing them to change their assigned seats accordingly.

Things to Remember

Considerations for Seat Changes: While Amtrak provides the option to change seats post booking, it is subject to availability. Passengers must keep in mind that popular routes and peak travel times may limit the possibility of changing to preferred seats. Furthermore, certain fare classes may have specific seat assignment protocols that could affect availability for seat changes.

How to Collect

Collection of Tickets

The process of collecting tickets on Amtrak is quite straightforward. After a passenger completes the booking process, they are offered different methods for ticket collection. They can either opt for eTicket or Paper tickets.

eTickets are sent to the passenger’s email address provided during the booking process. They can either show the eTicket from their mobile device or print out a copy before boarding the train. On the other hand, paper tickets can be mailed to the passenger, picked up at a Quik-Trak kiosk, or collected from the ticket counter at the station. The selection of the ticket collection method is entirely dependent on the passenger’s preference.

Collection of Baggage

On the day of travel, passengers can bring their luggage directly to the train. For passengers traveling with more than a couple of items, baggage carts are available at many stations. If a passenger checks their bags, they’ll collect them at their destination station. Be aware that checked baggage service is not available on all trains and stations, so it’s wise to verify in advance.

Return Policy or Others Condition

Ticket Refund Policy

Amtrak operates a clear refund policy for its passengers. Refunds for paper tickets can be obtained at any Amtrak ticket office. If a passenger purchased a ticket online or via the mobile app, they can cancel the reservation online and request a refund.

The refund amount often depends on the fare type purchased. For example, ‘Saver’ fares are non-refundable 24 hours after purchase. On the other hand, ‘Flexible’ fares offer full refunds if the ticket is canceled before departure.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Amtrak provides flexibility for rescheduling and cancellation as well. Should a passenger need to reschedule their travel, they can modify their journey details through the ‘Modify Trip’ option on or the mobile app. If the new fare is less expensive, the difference is refunded to the passenger. If it’s more expensive, the passenger will be required to pay the difference.

In case of cancellations, depending on the fare type and the time of cancellation, different rules apply. It is always advisable to check these conditions on the official Amtrak website or speak with customer service. Passengers must also be aware that a cancellation fee may apply.

What is the Reason for the Lack of Displayed 1st Class Train Seats?

The 1st class seating issue on trains may be due to limited demand, cost-cutting measures, or reserved seats being assigned later. Some passengers may also upgrade their tickets last minute, leaving the original 1st class seats empty. Railway companies are constantly addressing this issue to improve the overall customer experience.

What Does “Assigned Seating” Mean on Amtrak’s Thruway Service?

Thruway Seat: Everything You Need to know about “assigned seating” on Amtrak’s Thruway Service. When you book a Thruway Seat, it means you will have a designated seat for your journey. This ensures that you have a guaranteed spot and offers a hassle-free travel experience. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride knowing your seat is waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Best Place to Sit on an Amtrak Train?

Preferences vary, but many passengers favor window seats for the scenic views. For a quieter ride, seats away from the doors or stairs leading to the lower level are recommended.

How Many Seats Are There in an Amtrak Coach Car?

Typically, there are about 60 to 70 seats in an Amtrak Coach Car. This number may vary depending on the specific train model and seating configuration.

Are There Pictures Available of Amtrak’s Coach Seats?

Yes, images of Amtrak’s coach seats are readily available on the Amtrak website and app. They provide a clear representation of seating comfort and space.

Can You Show Me the Amtrak Acela Business Class Seat Map?

Amtrak Acela Business Class seat maps are available on the Amtrak website and app. The map gives an overview of the seat layout and availability.

How Do I Adjust Amtrak Seats?

Amtrak seats are typically adjusted using a button or lever on the armrest. If you face any issues, train staff is always available to assist.

Are First Class Tickets Available on Amtrak?

Yes, Amtrak offers first-class tickets on many of its routes. First class often includes amenities such as private rooms, personal service, and meals.

Does Amtrak Provide a Seating Chart for Business Class?

Yes, Amtrak provides a seating chart for business class on its website and mobile app. This tool assists passengers in visualizing their seating arrangement and makes changing seats easier.

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