Best Seats in Spirit Airlines – Your In-Flight Comfort Guide

Published on: November 11, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

The best seats in Spirit Airlines are typically found in the exit rows and at the front of the plane. Opting for the Big Front Seat offers extra legroom and comfort.

Spirit Airlines offers a variety of seating options to cater to different preferences and budgets. The airline operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the A319, A320neo, and A321, each with a unique seat map. On the Spirit A319 seat map, passengers can find a cozy yet efficient cabin layout, while the Spirit A320neo seat map showcases a more modern arrangement with upgraded features.

best seats in spirit airlines

Seats on Spirit Airlines are known for their streamlined design, which maximizes the number of passengers that can be accommodated. The Spirit Airbus A320 seat size is optimized for efficiency, which means while space can be snug, selecting an exit row seat can provide additional legroom. The Spirit Airbus A321 seat map reveals a high-density configuration, allowing for a large number of travelers to fly economically.

Reviews of Spirit Airlines seats often highlight the value for money, with the option to upgrade to a Big Front Seat for those seeking more space. For passengers wondering if ‘F’ is a window seat on Spirit, it typically is, providing a view and a slightly more spacious feel due to the cabin wall curvature.

For a more detailed insight into the seating options and tips on selecting the best seat for your next flight with Spirit Airlines, continue reading the article below.

Best Seats in Spirit Airlines – Your In-Flight Comfort Guide

spirit airlines

Overview of Spirit Airlines Seating

Spirit Airlines Fleet and Seat Configurations

Spirit Airlines, known for its budget-friendly fares, offers a variety of seating options to cater to different passenger needs. Each aircraft in their fleet boasts a unique configuration, but one common thread is the aim to maximize space efficiency. While this approach allows Spirit to offer low-cost tickets, it also means that choosing the right seat can significantly impact your travel comfort. The key is to know the layout of the plane you’ll be flying on. For instance, an Airbus A320 will have a different seating chart compared to an Airbus A321, and being aware of these differences can help you snag a spot that offers a tad more room or a better view.

General Comfort Features of Spirit Airlines Seats

Let’s talk comfort, or sometimes, the lack thereof. Spirit’s seats are what you might call ‘no-frills’ – they’re designed to be lightweight, which helps save on fuel costs. The seats are pre-reclined, meaning they don’t recline. This can be a boon or a bane, depending on your preference. On the plus side, you won’t have to deal with the person in front of you suddenly invading your space. However, for long flights, the inability to adjust your seat can be a bit of a drag. The padding is also on the thinner side, so while it’s sufficient for shorter jaunts, it might not be the coziest option for longer trips.

Analyzing Seat Dimensions and Legroom

Comparison of Seat Dimensions Across Different Spirit Airlines Aircraft

Aircraft ModelSeat PitchSeat WidthSeat Type
Airbus A32028 inches17.75 inchesStandard
Airbus A32128 inches18 inchesStandard
Airbus A31928 inches17.75 inchesStandard
visual chart (1) comparison of seat dimensions across different spirit airlines aircraft
visual chart (1) comparison of seat dimensions across different spirit airlines aircraft

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of seat dimensions, Spirit Airlines offers a pretty consistent experience across its fleet. The seat pitch, which is the distance from one point on a seat to the same point on the seat in front of it, typically hovers around 28 inches. Seat width is another critical factor, especially for those of us who like a little elbow room. Most seats measure up at about 17.75 to 18 inches across. While these dimensions might not be the most generous in the skies, they’re pretty standard for ultra-low-cost carriers.

Factors Affecting Legroom in Spirit Airlines

Legroom is the golden word in airline travel, isn’t it? On Spirit flights, your legroom is influenced by several factors. The seat pitch is snug, so if you’re tall, you’ll feel the squeeze. Exit rows and the ‘Big Front Seats’ offer more legroom, but they come at a premium. It’s a classic case of ‘you get what you pay for.’ If you’re looking to stretch out a bit more without breaking the bank, snagging an aisle seat can give you a smidge more space to extend one leg during the flight.

Pricing and Value for Money

Cost Analysis of Spirit Airlines Seats

Let’s talk dollars and sense. With Spirit, you’re paying for the basics, and anything extra is just that – extra. The base fare gets you a seat and a personal item, but if you want more legroom or the luxury of picking your seat, you’ll need to shell out a bit more cash. It’s a bit like a cafeteria – you start with a tray (your seat) and add on what you want, be it more legroom, overhead bin space, or a specific seat location. This a la carte pricing allows you to customize your travel to match your budget and preferences.

Seat Pricing Versus Comfort Features

Seat OptionAdditional CostExtra LegroomEarly Boarding
Standard Seat$0NoNo
Exit Row Seat$35 – $50YesNo
Big Front Seat$50 – $70YesYes
visual chart (2) seat pricing versus comfort features
visual chart (2) seat pricing versus comfort features

When you’re weighing the pros and cons of where to plant yourself for the duration of your flight, this table can be a handy reference. The standard seat is your most budget-friendly option, but if you’re willing to pay a bit more, an Exit Row Seat or the Big Front Seat can make your journey more comfortable. The Big Front Seat, in particular, is Spirit’s version of a first-class experience at a fraction of the cost you’d pay on other airlines.

Booking Strategies for Optimal Seating

Tips for Securing the Best Seats During Booking

Getting the best seat on a Spirit flight is a bit like playing a strategic game. You’ve got to be quick and savvy. Booking early is the key to a wider selection of seats. Keep an eye on the seat map; as the flight fills up, you’ll see which seats are taken and which ones you might want to snag. Also, consider joining Spirit’s $9 Fare Club for discounts on seats and bags. It’s all about timing and a bit of luck, but with a little planning, you can score a seat that doesn’t compromise your comfort or wallet.

Timing and Techniques for Seat Selection

Timing isn’t just everything; it’s the only thing when it comes to picking your perch on a plane. For the procrastinators among us, waiting until check-in to select your seat can sometimes lead to a pleasant surprise – like a free random seat assignment that lands you in a prime spot. But that’s a gamble. If you’re not one to leave things up to chance, then selecting your seat at the time of booking, or shortly after, is the way to go. Keep an eye on the seat map even after you book; if a better seat opens up, you might be able to switch.

Passenger Reviews and Ratings

Passenger Satisfaction Ratings for Various Seats

Seat TypeComfort RatingLegroom RatingOverall Satisfaction
Standard Seat3/52/53/5
Exit Row Seat4/54/54/5
Big Front Seat5/55/55/5
visual chart (3) passenger satisfaction ratings for various seats
visual chart (3) passenger satisfaction ratings for various seats

Passenger feedback is like gold dust for airlines and travelers alike. It gives you the real scoop on what to expect. As you can see, the Big Front Seat is the clear winner in terms of comfort and legroom. But don’t discount the standard seats; they still offer a solid, if not spectacular, level of comfort, especially if you’re just hopping over to the next state.

Trends in Passenger Preferences for Spirit Airlines Seating

You might think everyone would just go for the seat with the most legroom, but it’s not always that simple. Some passengers prioritize price over comfort, while others are willing to pay a little more for extra space. There’s also the consideration of where you’re seated in relation to the lavatories and the galley, which can affect your flight experience. What’s clear is that preferences vary widely, and Spirit offers enough options to cater to most of them.

The Impact of Aircraft Type on Seat Comfort

Differences in Seating Comfort Across Spirit’s Fleet

Not all planes are created equal, and this is true for Spirit’s fleet as well. The type of aircraft you’re flying on can have a big impact on your comfort. For instance, the Airbus A321 tends to offer a smidgen more space than the A320. It’s worth doing a quick Google search on the aircraft type once you’ve booked your flight. This way, you can get a sense of what to expect and make an informed decision about whether it’s worth it to upgrade your seat.

Identifying the Best Seats by Aircraft Model

Each aircraft model in Spirit’s lineup has its own sweet spots. For the Airbus A320, for example, seats at the front of the plane tend to have a bit more legroom. On the Airbus A321, aim for the exit rows if you can. Knowing the layout of the specific aircraft you’ll be flying on can be the difference between a so-so flight and a comfortable one.

In-Flight Experience and Seat Selection

Influence of Seat Location on In-Flight Experience

Where you sit can make or break your flight. Seats near the front of the plane get you off quicker upon landing, which is great if you’re in a rush. The back of the plane can be noisier and bumpier, but you’re closer to the bathrooms. It’s all about what matters most to you. Do you want to disembark quickly? Do you need easy bathroom access? Or maybe you just want to be as far away from the engine noise as possible. Think about what will make your flight more enjoyable and choose accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Front, Middle, and Rear Cabin Seats

The front of the cabin is prime real estate for those who like to get on and off the plane swiftly. The middle of the cabin can be a happy medium, often providing a more stable ride with less engine noise. The rear of the cabin, while often last in line for service and disembarking, can sometimes offer a row to yourself on less full flights. It’s all about trade-offs, and what’s a pro for one person might be a con for another.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Choose Your Seat for Free on Spirit Airlines?

No, Spirit Airlines typically charges a fee for you to select your seat. Unlike some airlines that include seat selection in the base fare, Spirit operates with a model that keeps the ticket price as low as possible by charging for extras. This means that if you want to guarantee a specific seat before your flight, you’ll need to pay a fee. The cost varies depending on the seat’s location and the flight’s duration. If you’re not fussy about where you sit, Spirit will assign you a seat at check-in for free, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be one of the better options available.

Do Airlines with Larger Seats Offer the Same Comfort as Spirit Airlines’ Best Seats?

Airlines with the biggest airline seat sizes certainly offer more comfort than Spirit Airlines’ best seats. While Spirit may have a few spacious seats, the overall seating is more compact. Opting for airlines with larger seat sizes ensures a more comfortable flying experience for passengers.

What Are the Benefits of Spirit’s Big Front Seat?

Spirit’s Big Front Seat is the closest experience you’ll get to premium seating on the airline, offering a more spacious and comfortable ride. These seats are wider, with a 2-by-2 configuration instead of the 3-by-3 in the rest of the economy cabin, and they come with additional legroom. They don’t have the extra amenities you’d find in business class on other airlines, like free drinks or meals, but for those looking for a bit more comfort without a hefty price tag, these seats are a solid choice. They’re particularly appealing on longer flights where the extra space can make a significant difference in your overall comfort.

Are There Any Hidden Costs With Spirit Seat Selection?

The primary cost associated with seat selection on Spirit is the selection fee itself, which is clearly stated during the booking process. However, travelers should be aware of potential hidden costs like the price difference between seats when changing your selection or fees for making changes close to the departure date. Additionally, if you’re traveling in a group and want to sit together, you’ll each need to pay for your seat selections, which can add up. It’s always best to review the total cost for seat selection before confirming to avoid surprises.

Is It Worth Paying for Exit Row Seats on Spirit?

Paying for exit row seats on Spirit can be worth it if you value extra legroom. These seats offer more space to stretch out, which can be a significant advantage on longer flights. The cost is higher than a standard seat, but for taller individuals or those who prefer not to feel cramped, the price can be justified. It’s a personal decision that depends on your budget and comfort preferences. Keep in mind that to sit in an exit row, you must meet certain safety requirements, including being able and willing to assist in an emergency.

What Is the Best Time to Select a Seat on Spirit Airlines?

The best time to select a seat on Spirit Airlines is typically right when you book your ticket. This is when you’ll have the widest selection of seats to choose from. If you wait until closer to your departure date, you may find that the only seats left are less desirable or that the prices for premium seats have increased. Early birds tend to get the best options and sometimes even the best prices. If you’re looking to save money and are flexible with where you sit, you could risk waiting until check-in for a random seat assignment, which doesn’t cost extra.

How Can You Get a Free Seat Upgrade on Spirit Airlines?

Free seat upgrades on Spirit Airlines are not a standard offering as they are on some other airlines. Spirit’s business model doesn’t typically allow for complimentary upgrades. The airline operates on a strict pay-for-what-you-use basis. However, there have been instances where passengers have received complimentary upgrades at the gate due to operational needs, like balancing the weight on the plane or if your seat is inoperative. These situations are rare and not something you can plan for. The most reliable way to get a better seat on Spirit is to pay for it.

What Should Families Consider When Selecting Seats on Spirit?

Families flying with Spirit should consider selecting seats as early as possible to ensure they can sit together. Since Spirit charges for seat assignments, waiting until check-in could mean family members are scattered throughout the plane. Paying the extra fee is often worth the peace of mind, especially on longer flights or when traveling with young children. Additionally, families should consider the location of the seats. For instance, being close to the lavatories can be a plus when traveling with kids who might need to go frequently. It’s also wise to consider the front of the plane to allow for a quicker disembarkation with little ones in tow.

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