Can You Choose Your Seat on Spirit Airlines? An In-depth Guide

Published on: September 12, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

Yes, on Spirit Airlines, you can choose your seat. However, there is a fee involved.

Spirit Airlines, a popular budget airline, has a distinct seating policy that travelers should be aware of. When you book a flight with Spirit, the system can automatically and randomly assign you a seat during check-in at no extra cost. While this option saves money, it doesn’t guarantee that groups or families will sit together.

can you choose your seat on spirit airlines

Many passengers inquire if they can change their seats on Spirit after checking in. The answer is yes, but it may come with additional costs. If you have specific preferences, such as window or aisle seats, or if you wish to ensure that you sit beside your travel companions, it’s advisable to select and purchase your desired seat in advance. Prices for this service start at a nominal fee and can fluctuate based on the route, the seat’s location in the aircraft, and the timing of your purchase. A glance at the Spirit Airlines seat map can help you make an informed decision.

Furthermore, there are discussions, like on platforms such as Reddit, regarding how Spirit assigns seats. Many wonder about the charges for both seats and bags. It’s notable that while there are fees associated with seat selection and baggage, these enable Spirit to offer competitive ticket prices. If passengers opt not to pay for seat selection, they’re leaving their seating up to chance.

Curious about more details? We invite you to read the detailed article below for an in-depth look at Spirit Airlines’ seating policies.

Can You Choose Your Seat on Spirit Airlines? An In-depth Guide

The Spirit Airlines Seating Policy: A Broad Overview

Ever wondered what makes Spirit Airlines stand out from the rest? The airline operates a bit differently, and their seating arrangements are no exception. It’s not your everyday airline process, so let’s dive into it, shall we?

Spirit Airlines offers a blend of free seat assignments and paid options. Think of it like choosing between making your own sandwich or buying one pre-made. Both have their merits.

The Free Seat Assignment: Leaving it to Chance

There’s a bit of thrill in unpredictability. By not choosing a seat in advance on Spirit, the airline will assign you a seat at no additional cost. It’s like rolling the dice and seeing what you get. The plus side? You save money. The flip side? You might not sit next to your travel buddy. So, is the gamble worth it to you?

Opting for Paid Seat Selection: Peace of Mind vs. Pocket Pinch

Now, if rolling the dice isn’t your style, Spirit has you covered. For a fee, you can select your seat. Whether you’re eyeing that window view or need easy aisle access, there’s a price to make sure it’s yours.

Comparative Charges for Different Seat Positions

Seat PositionShort-haul Routes ($)Long-haul Routes ($)

The price varies based on the route and your seat’s location. So, ready to spend a little for that peace of mind?

Spirit Airlines’ Seat Map: Navigating the Best Spot

Picture this: a map, but instead of cities and towns, it has seats. Spirit Airlines offers a seat map for travelers to select the best spot. It’s like playing a game of Tetris, ensuring your block fits perfectly. Need extra legroom? The map will guide you. Prefer a seat away from the lavatory? The seat map’s your friend.

Changing Your Seat Post Check-In

Life is unpredictable. Plans change. Similarly, you might want to swap your seat after check-in. Spirit does offer this flexibility, but it might cost you a tad more. Think of it as a last-minute ticket to your favorite show. Rare, but obtainable for a price.

Group Travel on Spirit: Ensuring Everyone Sits Together

Traveling in a pack? You wouldn’t want to scatter across the plane, right? Spirit Airlines has policies around group bookings. It’s a bit like reserving a big table at a restaurant. A tad tricky but possible. The trick is to book well in advance and choose seats together. Wouldn’t it be nice to chat with your friend or family during the flight rather than a random stranger?

Comparative Analysis: Spirit Airlines vs. Other Budget Carriers

visual chart (1) seat selection charges comparison

While Spirit Airlines has its unique seating policies, how does it fare against other budget carriers? The above bar chart gives a visual insight. Blue represents Spirit’s charges, and red denotes other carriers. Notice the difference?

Cost Calculator: Estimating Your Total Flight Expense

Total Cost: $0

Use the above calculator to gauge your overall flight cost with Spirit. Just input the individual prices, and voila, get your estimated total!

Community Insights: What Travelers Are Saying

Wondering what the buzz is about Spirit’s seating policy? Various platforms, like Reddit, are rife with traveler tales. The consensus? A mixed bag. Some find the free seat assignment thrilling, while others swear by paid selections. It’s like pineapple on pizza – a matter of personal preference.

Maximizing Value: Tips to Save Money & Secure Comfort

Want some pro tips? Here you go:

  • Booking Strategies: Early birds often get the best deals. Why not apply the same to seat booking?
  • Cost Breakdown: Sometimes, buying bundles can save you a penny or two.
visual chart (2) breakdown of booking costs on spirit airlines

The pie chart showcases a breakdown of costs associated with various booking options. The blue portion represents ticket prices, red for seat selection fees, and yellow for other additional charges.


What Does Spirit Airlines Offer for Seat Assignments?

Spirit Airlines provides passengers with the option to select seats of their choice for a fee. Alternatively, seats can be randomly assigned at check-in at no extra charge.

Are Spirit Airlines Seats Reclining or Fixed in Position?

Spirit Airlines seats are fixed in a non-reclining position. While this may hinder some travelers seeking enhanced seat comfort, it allows the airline to optimize space and offer lower fares. It’s advisable to bring a neck pillow or other amenities for added relaxation during your flight.

Are There Additional Costs for Choosing a Seat on Other Airlines?

Yes, on many other airlines, there are often additional costs associated with choosing a seat on a flight. This can have a significant impact on the overall cost of the trip. It’s important for travelers to carefully consider the impact of seat selection when budgeting for their flights.

How Can I Choose My Seat on Spirit Airlines?

When flying with Spirit Airlines, selecting your seat can be done during the booking process or by managing your reservation online. To choose your 19E seat Alaska Airlines, simply log into your account, navigate to your booked flight, and follow the instructions to select your desired seat. Remember, early selection allows you to secure your preferred seating arrangement.

Do Seat Sizes on Spirit Airlines Differ from Other Airlines?

When it comes to airline seating, many passengers wonder if there are smaller seats on spirit airlines compared to other airlines. While seat sizes vary across different airlines, Spirit Airlines is known for offering narrower and more compact seating options, which some travelers may find less spacious.

How Does Spirit Airlines Assign Seats?

If passengers don’t choose to purchase a seat selection, Spirit Airlines will assign a random seat during the check-in process. This ensures every traveler has a designated spot on the flight.

Are You Required to Buy Seats on Spirit Airlines?

No, you aren’t obligated to purchase a seat selection. However, if you opt-out, you’ll receive a randomly assigned seat at check-in.

Why Does Spirit Charge for Seats and Bags?

Spirit Airlines operates as an ultra-low-cost carrier. To keep ticket prices low, they offer a base fare and then charge separately for additional services, such as seat selection and bags.

Can You Change Seats on Spirit After Checking In?

Yes, passengers can change their seat assignments even after checking in. However, it might come with a fee, and seat availability might be limited.

Is Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Different from Other Airlines?

Every airline has its own policies. Spirit, being an ultra-low-cost carrier, offers seat selection as an additional service, which is a common approach among budget airlines.

Does Spirit Allow Travelers to Sit Together?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to choose seats together if they purchase the seat selection option. Without this purchase, there’s no guarantee that travelers will be seated next to each other.


Spirit Airlines offers travelers a unique blend of choices for seat assignments. While some might love the thrill of random assignments, others prefer the predictability of paid selections. Armed with this guide, you now have the tools to make an informed decision. So, can you pick seats on Spirit? Absolutely! But whether you leave it to chance or play it safe is all up to you. Happy flying!

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