Does Spirit Airlines Offer First Class? A Deep Look into Seating Options

Published on: October 5, 2023
Written by Karim Niru / Fact-checked by Evander Mac

Does Spirit Airlines offer first class? No, Spirit Airlines does not have a traditional first class.

Spirit Airlines, known for its budget-friendly fares, does not provide a traditional first class seating option. Instead, they offer what’s known as the “Big Front Seat”. This seating choice is available in the first two rows of their aircraft and provides passengers with extra legroom and wider seats. The Big Front Seat is not accompanied by the usual first-class amenities like free drinks; passengers would need to purchase beverages separately.

Regarding the cost, the price for the Big Front Seat varies based on the route and availability. It’s a popular choice for those seeking more comfort without the hefty price tag of typical first-class seats on other airlines. If you’re wondering about baggage, the Big Front Seat does not include any additional baggage allowances; baggage fees apply as per Spirit’s standard policy.

does spirit airlines offer first class

Many travelers often question if they’ll comfortably fit in Spirit’s seats. While the standard seats are more compact, the Big Front Seat offers a more spacious experience. Numerous reviews suggest that the Big Front Seat provides a significantly more comfortable journey compared to the regular seats.

For a more in-depth look at Spirit Airlines and its seating options, we invite you to continue reading the detailed article below.

Does Spirit Airlines Offer First Class? A Deep Look into Seating Options

Background of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, a name that resonates with many travelers, has been around for quite some time. Established with a vision to provide affordable travel options, Spirit has carved a niche for itself in the airline industry. Their business model, often referred to as the “ultra-low-cost carrier” model, focuses on offering basic amenities at a lower price, allowing passengers to choose and pay for the extras they want. This approach has allowed Spirit to offer competitive prices and remain a top choice for budget travelers.

Spirit Airlines Seating Options

If you’ve ever flown with Spirit, you know they have a unique approach to seating. Unlike many airlines that offer a plethora of seating classes, Spirit keeps it simple. They have their standard seats, which are pretty much what you’d expect – a seat on a plane. But then there’s the Big Front Seat, a game-changer for those who crave a bit more space without breaking the bank. It’s not first class, but it’s definitely a step up from the norm.

The Big Front Seat: An Alternative to First Class

So, what’s the deal with the Big Front Seat? Think of it as a middle ground between economy and first class. It’s spacious, offering more legroom and a wider seat base. But don’t expect champagne and gourmet meals. The Big Front Seat is all about physical comfort. It’s perfect for those long flights where you want to stretch out a bit more, or if you’re someone who just enjoys a bit more personal space. It’s a popular choice, and once you try it, you’ll see why.

Cost Implications

The cost of upgrading to Spirit’s Big Front Seat isn’t static; it fluctuates based on various factors. One of the primary determinants is the flight’s duration. Shorter flights might have this upgrade available for as low as $20, but recent trends suggest a shift towards the $40 to $60 range. For those with Gold elite status, there might be a slight reduction in price, but the difference is often marginal.

RouteStandard Seat PriceBig Front Seat UpgradeTotal Big Front Seat Price
Houston to Las Vegas$54$135$189
Los Angeles to Las Vegas (Short Route)VariesUnder $100Varies
Typical Route (Average)Varies$100 to $140Varies

Recent observations have shown a surge in the cost of the Big Front Seat. On numerous routes, the upgrade now costs $100 or more. This is a stark contrast to prices from just a few weeks ago, where it was rare to find routes priced above $100. However, some shorter routes, like Los Angeles to Las Vegas, still offer the Big Front Seat for under $100. But, on the whole, the current prices are nearly double what they used to be.

To put things into perspective, consider a real-world example. A flight from Houston to Las Vegas on Spirit costs $54 for a standard seat without a specific advance seat assignment. If you opt for the Big Front Seat, you’ll need to shell out an additional $135, making the total $189. In comparison, United Airlines charges $242 for a basic economy fare on the same route, and their domestic first-class seat, which is comparable to Spirit’s Big Front Seat, costs a whopping $510.

Even with the recent price hikes, Spirit’s Big Front Seat remains a value proposition, especially when compared to traditional carriers. The seat offers a comfortable experience at a fraction of the cost of other airlines’ premium seats. Plus, with Spirit’s new frequent flyer program, passengers can earn points on their Big Front Seat purchases, adding to the overall value.

Amenities and In-Flight Experience

While the Big Front Seat offers more space, it’s essential to know what else comes with it. In terms of in-flight amenities, Spirit sticks to its ultra-low-cost model. This means that while you’ll be sitting comfortably, things like meals and drinks will cost extra.

visual chart (1) passenger satisfaction ratings
visual chart (1) passenger satisfaction ratings

The chart above showcases passenger satisfaction ratings for the Big Front Seat compared to standard seats. As you can see, the Big Front Seat tends to score higher!

Baggage Policies and Considerations

When it comes to baggage, Spirit’s policy remains consistent regardless of where you’re seated. The Big Front Seat doesn’t come with any special baggage perks. So, if you’re thinking of splurging on that seat, remember to factor in any baggage fees if you’re checking in luggage or carrying more than the allowed personal item.

Comparing Spirit’s Seating with Other Airlines

How does Spirit’s Big Front Seat measure up against other airlines?

visual chart (2) seating options across airlines
visual chart (2) seating options across airlines

The chart gives a visual representation of how many airlines offer traditional first class, premium economy, and other seating options. Spirit’s Big Front Seat is a unique offering in this mix.

Passenger Feedback and Reviews

Over the years, Spirit’s Big Front Seat has garnered a mix of reviews. While some passengers swear by it, others feel it could offer more for its price. Trends in feedback have shown a general increase in satisfaction, especially as more travelers become aware of what to expect.

visual chart (3) trends in passenger feedback over time
visual chart (3) trends in passenger feedback over time

The line chart depicts how passenger feedback has evolved over the past few years. It’s evident that the Big Front Seat is gaining traction!

Calculator: Estimating Your Big Front Seat Cost

Want to estimate how much the Big Front Seat might cost you? Use the calculator below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spirit Airlines seats comfortable enough for a long flight?

When it comes to comfortable seats on spirit airlines, passengers may have mixed opinions, especially for long flights. While the airline offers budget-friendly fares, the seating arrangement might not provide the same level of comfort as other airlines. However, some travelers have found Spirit Airlines seats to be satisfactory for short-duration flights. Ultimately, personal preferences and expectations play a significant role in determining whether Spirit Airlines seats are comfortable enough for a long flight.

Are Air France Preferred Seats Comparable to Spirit Airlines’ First Class?

When conducting an air france preferred seating analysis, it becomes evident that the experience differs from Spirit Airlines’ first class. While Air France’s preferred seats offer extra legroom and priority boarding, the amenities and overall luxury associated with Spirit Airlines’ first class surpass that of Air France. It ultimately depends on the traveler’s preferences and priorities.

What’s the Origin of Spirit’s Big Front Seat Concept?

Spirit Airlines, always looking to innovate and provide value to its passengers, introduced the Big Front Seat as a middle-ground solution. Recognizing that many travelers desired more comfort but didn’t want to pay exorbitant first-class prices, Spirit decided to offer a seat with more space and comfort. This approach aligns with their ultra-low-cost model, ensuring passengers only pay for what they value.

How Does the Big Front Seat Compare in Size to Other Airline Seats?

The Big Front Seat boasts dimensions that are comparable to domestic first-class seats on other airlines. Typically, these seats are wider and offer more legroom than standard economy seats. While exact dimensions can vary slightly based on the aircraft, passengers can expect a noticeable difference in space and comfort compared to Spirit’s regular seating.

Are There Any Special Boarding Privileges with the Big Front Seat?

No, purchasing the Big Front Seat doesn’t grant any special boarding privileges. Passengers with this seat selection board according to Spirit’s standard boarding process. If priority boarding is essential, passengers might consider other add-on services that Spirit offers.

Can I Purchase the Big Front Seat After Booking My Ticket?

Yes, you can! If you’ve already booked your flight and decide later that you’d like the added comfort, you can upgrade through Spirit’s website or at the airport. However, availability might be limited, especially on popular routes or during peak travel times.

Is In-Flight Entertainment Available with the Big Front Seat?

Spirit Airlines operates with a no-frills model, focusing on affordability. As such, they don’t offer in-flight entertainment systems like some other airlines. This applies to all seats, including the Big Front Seat. Passengers are encouraged to bring their own devices and entertainment for the journey.

How Do I Ensure I Get the Best Price for the Big Front Seat?

Prices for the Big Front Seat can fluctuate based on demand, route, and time of booking. To secure the best price, consider booking well in advance and checking prices during off-peak travel times. Monitoring prices and being flexible with travel dates can also lead to savings.

Are Meals Included with the Big Front Seat Purchase?

No, meals aren’t included with the purchase of the Big Front Seat. Spirit Airlines operates on an a la carte model, meaning passengers pay for the specific amenities they want. While the Big Front Seat offers enhanced comfort, in-flight meals and beverages are separate and come at an additional cost.

Spirit Airlines, with its unique approach to air travel, offers passengers a chance to experience more comfort without the hefty price tag of traditional first class. The Big Front Seat, while not laden with luxury amenities, provides a spacious seating option that many travelers appreciate. Whether you’re considering it for the extra legroom or just curious about what Spirit has to offer, it’s clear that this airline has found a way to cater to a diverse range of passenger needs.

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